Republique: image (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngScreen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.05.23 PM.png(4.5)

Los Angeles, CA

Excellent food and cute atmosphere, Republique is a great option for a satisfying brunch. Just be prepared to wait! The worst part about Republique is that during peak brunch hours the wait is incredibly long. For a better brunch experience try going early.

My brunch of choice was eggs with bread and potatoes and avocado as a substitute for meat. The eggs were buttery and delicious, the toast was perfect with the provided jam and butter, and the potatoes were crisp and yummy. Overall a great brunch experience minus the wait.

Me with a delicious and filling brunch from Republique!
Castle-esque interior of Republique.

Perch LA

Perch LA: image (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngScreen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.05.23 PM.png(4.5)

Los Angeles, CA

Perch LA is a rooftop restaurant with beautiful views of the city. If you want to have brunch with an awesome view, this is the restaurant for you! The food is pretty good; I had huevos rancheros and they were satisfying but not the best in CA. They were also sweet enough to provide me with a free dessert for my birthday, which was delightful.

Beautiful view from Perch LA!
Huevos rancheros for brunch.
Free birthday treat from Perch.


Great Maple

Great Maple: image (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).png(5)

Pasadena, CA

Great Maple is a fabulous new brunch spot in Pasadena with good food, good coffee, and nice atmosphere. Located by the Paseo Colorado this brunch spot is a great new addition to the Pasadena brunch scene. My boyfriend and I shared the avocado toast with egg whites (featured in the cover photo here) and the faro oatmeal. Both were outstanding, delicious dishes that left us just the right amount of full. I would wholeheartedly recommend Great Maple to anyone looking for a delicious brunch in Pasadena.

Me with a delicious latte.
Great Maple decor, simple gold and white accents.

Crepes de Paris

Crepes de Paris: image (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).png(5)

Pasadena, CA

Crepes de Paris gets a perfect 5/5 croissants with some of the very best crepes in Pasadena. Their crepes have a lovely texture, their fillings are bounteous, overall excellent food from this cutely decorated creperie.

Me with the Royal Crepe containing Nutella, bananas, and strawberries.
My friend with the Moulin Rouge crepe containing salmon and capers.




Abricott: image (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).png(5)

Pasadena, CA

Abricott is a favorite of mine in Pasadena. Great for brunch or lunch they have waffles, crepes, and pan-Asian cuisine. Their food is always excellent and they have a cute bookstore-esque decor. I am torn between choosing the waffles or crepes as my favorite dish as they are both excellent.

Celebration lunch with a friend featuring tofu salad and Chinese donuts.

The Raymond Restaurant

The Raymond Restaurant: image (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).png(5)

Pasadena, CA

The Raymond Restaurant is a lovely location with ample seating for brunch. Their French Toast, featuring pineapples, is among my favorite French Toasts in Pasadena. Their decor is simple and their food is delicious.

Enjoying brunch at the Raymond Restaurant.
Delicious pineapple-covered French Toast.


Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidianimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).pngimage (1).png(5)

Pasadena, CA

Amazing bread and spreads. Variety of delicious carb-tastic brunch options.

Delicious and fun, I had my birthday at this great brunch option. Perfect for carb-lovers like myself, Le Pain Quotidian (or the daily bread) has a fabulous bakery including lots of good chocolate and fruit spreads. Accommodating for parties large and small, this restaurant is a great option for a casual brunch or a special event.

I really enjoy their bread basket with spreads as well as their chia seed parfait and avocado toast.

Me proudly presentingLe Pain Quotidian’s avocado toast.